The ACI EUROPE AirPeople™ Employee Survey produces reliable information on employee perceptions to improve understanding of people engagement and help create a high-performance culture for airports. 

AirPeople™ is a global, industry-specific employee survey for airports. It is a user-friendly tool for encouraging better performance and consequently better business results. It is supported by the airport organisation ACI EUROPE and provides a common language for understanding and sharing best practice.

The survey has been designed specifically to support Airport Chief Executives, Operational Managers and HR leaders to help achieve a high performance culture and optimise staff engagement. Monitoring and measuring employee perceptions on a regular, objective and systematic basis provides an excellent means for achieving these objectives by pinpointing areas for attention and providing a vehicle for constructive dialogue with staff.

AirPeople™ is an appropriate instrument regardless of the airport’s size, location or business model. It provides clear metrics for reporting and action planning. It takes cultural diversity into account, as an extensive database of national, regional, and occupation type benchmarks is used for calibrating the results. An airport sector benchmark is also available to allow direct comparison with best practice in the sector.

The advantage of a common industry wide survey is that whilst results for any individual airport are confidential, there is the opportunity for European airports to learn from each other, benchmark their results against their peers and share best practice on the factors behind high performance.

AirPeople™ enhances better business performance and can be linked to ASQ scores if required to provide an overview of both customer and employee perceptions.

Survey results are addressed in Follow Up workshops where results are reviewed in depth and specific development plans are made. An initial ‘Top Management’ workshop to examine the results in the context of the organisation’s business strategy and develop an organisation-wide communication and implementation plan forms part of the overall package. Further coaching support is available for both individuals and teams. 

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AirPeople concept consists of airport employee survey and development consulting of the survey results. This systematic method for learning about the state of the working community, including e.g. leadership skills and employee well-being, will help airports to create high performance culture and improve business performance. The ACI EUROPE AirPeople™ employee engagement survey is specifically targeted at the global airport sector.


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