Several of our employee surveys among airport organisations have revealed the uniqueness of the sector, and have also showed how the changes have affected in the areas most strongly contributing to the employee engagement. In order to improve engagement and performance, it is crucial to have reliable benchmark data to compare own results against, when conducting an employee survey.

Corporate Spirit has extensive benchmarks available in the ACI EUROPE AirPeople™ survey. Our client organisations can analyse their results against country or regional benchmarks, and different occupational type benchmarks.

For airport sector, Corporate Spirit now introduces an international airport sector benchmark, which enables client organisations to compare results within the industry. Thus with the AirPeople™ survey the organisations can view the level of engagement and performance reliably within the best possible frame of reference.

“Until today there hasn’t been an employee engagement benchmark available for airport sector, but now our clients can measure their results reliably with the level of airport organisations. This is the key to be able to make correct conclusions from your employee survey, also taking cultural differences into account,” says Juha Ala-Lipasti, Corporate Spirit’s Sales Director.

Dr Richard Plenty, Managing Director of This Is…, who are partnering with Corporate Spirit on this project adds: “Our research on airports has highlighted the uniqueness of the sector. The AirPeople™ survey contains questions which are particularly relevant for airports and the development of sector benchmarks will facilitate learning and best practice exchange.”

The AirPeople™ survey takes into account the characteristics of airport sector. The content has been designed to meet the industry-specific demands, and also to allow each airport to tailor their survey to best meet with their needs. With extensive benchmarks the results can also be put in a correct context. As the survey is a development tool for all levels of organisation, it is essential that each manager gets conclusions and recommendations for action, taking into account the characteristics of local culture and the airport sector. Moreover, a development workshop among the management team, as a part of the survey process, plays an important role in ensuring the survey will be put in action.

For more information on airport benchmarks and AirPeople™ employee survey, contact Juha Ala-Lipasti, Sales Director of Corporate Spirit Ltd



AirPeople concept consists of airport employee survey and development consulting of the survey results. This systematic method for learning about the state of the working community, including e.g. leadership skills and employee well-being, will help airports to create high performance culture and improve business performance. The ACI EUROPE AirPeople™ employee engagement survey is specifically targeted at the global airport sector.


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