A giant leap for airport surveys

AirPeople™ Employee Survey launched

AirPeople™, a new survey and development concept for airport organisations, was launched in October at the annual Airport Leadership and Change Management Forum in Bologna, Italy. The new survey was greeted with great enthusiasm by key airport HR influencers attending the event.

The three-day forum featured keynotes and panel discussions on leadership and sustainable growth, in particular the need for organisations to focus on performance and social responsibility. Juha Ala-Lipasti, Head of International Operations at Corporate Spirit, enlightened the audience about the importance of employee surveys and the benefits of personnel engagement for business results.

Employee engagement surveys have recently come to replace simple job satisfaction surveys that mostly measure sentiments. The trend in HR is clearly towards using employee engagement surveys to identify success factors and measure performance in organisations.

Sector-specific questions and benchmarking

AirPeople™ was designed and produced in co-operation with Corporate Spirit, This Is ... and the trade body for European airports, ACI EUROPE. It is a comprehensive toolkit for performance development, comprising an engagement survey, tools for result utilisation and utilisation workshops.

- Up until now, airport organisations have received benchmark data on things like customer satisfaction – but benchmarking engagement against the airport sector has not been available to these organisations, explains Juha Ala-Lipasti.

- Likewise, the ability to customise the employee survey content specifically to develop the high-performance culture at airports is a very welcome feature and has been well received.

Comprehensive toolbox for better engagement

The survey was launched in Bologna for a group of prominent airport HR professionals. Juha Ala-Lipasti also told the audience that the new concept was piloted in Dubrovnik in September and October and it received excellent feedback.


- The combination of international benchmark data, a wide variety of languages both for data collection and reporting, sector-specific content and a toolbox for implementing survey results together with locally organised utilization workshops is what makes AirPeople™ the pre-eminent employee survey for airports.

Juha Ala-Lipasti
Corporate Spirit