AirPeople™ provides solid and robust information about the employee’s level of engagement and the organisation’s current level of performance.  In the follow-up phase of AirPeople™ the initial top management workshop and HR support is provided by This Is…, an organisation and leadership development practice. This support is provided as part of the AirPeople™ package.

Dr Richard Plenty, Managing Director of This Is… leads the follow up process. Richard is an experienced international organisation development consultant, human resources leader and business psychologist. He works with leaders and top teams on issues associated with leadership, strategic change, organisation culture, talent management and organisation effectiveness. He co-chairs the ACI annual ‘Leadership and Change Summit’ and designed and delivers the ACI World HR strategy training programme. Before co-founding This Is…, he was a pioneer of the internationally respected ‘Shell People Survey’ which measures employee perceptions on an annual basis. His style is strategic, engaging and business focused.

Following the top team workshop, Richard and his colleagues in This Is… and the AirPeople™ team can provide expert AirPeople™  Development Consulting support in the following areas:

  • Further advice on survey follow up including expert analysis, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.
  • High quality coaching, mentoring and trusted advice for airport organisations wishing to use the survey as a starting point on the development of a high performance airport culture – and ensure that a high performance mindset, ethos and behaviours are embedded at all levels of the organisation.


Learn more about the This Is…  approach to developing a high performance organisation by reading their case study for Dublin Airport Authority:


This Is… always works to improve the quality of leadership and develop the airport’s capacity to manage and lead change for itself. The benefits include improved performance, more effective delivery of business strategy and more engaged staff.

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AirPeople concept consists of airport employee survey and development consulting of the survey results. This systematic method for learning about the state of the working community, including e.g. leadership skills and employee well-being, will help airports to create high performance culture and improve business performance. The ACI EUROPE AirPeople™ employee engagement survey is specifically targeted at the global airport sector.


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