Sami Laine, HR Partner, Finavia Corporation


During the next few years, Finavia will invest close to 900 million euros into developing Helsinki Airport. It goes without saying that employees’ ability to perform is essential in order to make that investment profitable.

At Finavia, employee engagement surveys and leadership assessments have been carried out for several years. According to HR Partner & HRD Manager Sami Laine, the results are monitored with a keen eye, even at board level.

“The surveys play a significant role, as Finavia is systematically building a high-performing culture. Based on the results of each survey, we choose our development areas for business units and corporate levels. The units are responsible for improving their respective areas while the HR department provides the required support.”

At Finavia, people generally take exceptional pride in their work. Aviation has always been a somewhat mysterious, intriguing area that naturally creates interest as a workplace. According to Sami Laine, this is also a factor that builds engagement and a willingness to contribute. Along with identifying areas that need improvement, employee and leadershipsurveys play an important role in seeing how successfully important matters such as objectives and overall progress have been communicated.

“The latest AirPeople™ survey, conducted by Corporate Spirit Ltd, revealed that motivation levels are already at a very good level. As we prepare to take the next leap at Helsinki Airport, it is evident that further training is required. Special services and top-notch safety are essential success factors in our quest to make Helsinki Airport the most important hub between Europe and Asia.”

Building a high-performing airport culture takes time. Together with big investments, it goes without saying that Finavia is looking at a couple of exceptionally busy years ahead. In situations like this, Sami Laine is happy to be able to deal with committed employees that are interested in training and developing their skills further.

“Building a high-performing airport culture requires a lot of skill and engagement, but it also needs elements such as creativity and determination to get things done. The fact that Finavia’s people consider their work interesting and meaningful helps us in a remarkable way.”

Finavia provides airport, passenger and air navigation services to facilitate smooth air traffic. The company continuously maintains and develops its network of 25 airports and Finland’s air navigation system. Finavia’s customers include airlines, other operators in the aviation sector and passengers. Every year, over 19 million passengers fly via Finavia’s airports. In 2013, the company had EUR 352 million in revenue and 2,800 employees.




AirPeople concept consists of airport employee survey and development consulting of the survey results. This systematic method for learning about the state of the working community, including e.g. leadership skills and employee well-being, will help airports to create high performance culture and improve business performance. The ACI EUROPE AirPeople™ employee engagement survey is specifically targeted at the global airport sector.


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