A TOPIC IN ACI LATIN AMERICA-CARIBBEAN & WORLD ASSEMBLY, 31 August – 2 September 2015, Panama City


The ACI World HR Forum gathered for the ACI Latin America-Caribbean & Word Assembly in Panama City, where the focus was on the importance of airports engaging their workforce and attracting future talent. It featured a panel addressing the challenges involved in engaging employees. There were also two workshops on attracting talent and on ensuring work-life balance.

Theresa Fleidl, vice president for professional training policy and HR marketing in Munich Airport,and Chair of the ACI HR Forum, spoke on ‘The challenges of employee engagement’. She described a study carried out by Corporate Spirit Ltd and This Is… Ltd for ACI Europe which revealed that only 33% of airport staff in Europe were ‘highly engaged’ and that very few “were prepared to go that extra mile”.

The study also showed that 23% of staff were ‘disengaged’ and had unfavourable perceptions onmanagement, leadership and changes in their airports. They believed  that change had been poorly implemented. A further 44% called ‘efficiency critics’ were critical of their leaders and their decision-making.

Fleidl said: “Our definition of employee engagement means the willingness and commitment to go that extra mile when required and not just be satisfied with what you’ve got. The results showed that about one third of airport staff are highly engaged and that two-thirds are either disengaged or somewhere in between. This was somewhat surprising and shows that there is a lot of work to be done.

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